100. International
annual conference of the DGRM

Abstract submission


This year, the scientific management was carried out by the Institute for Forensic Medicine at LMU Munich under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Graw. Contributions to the main topics of morphology / imaging, clinical forensic medicine, traffic, traumatology, DNA and toxicology are accepted.


Please submit your abstract by email:

Abstract submissions: Deadline May 25, 2021.

Decision about acceptance as a lecture / poster: by 9.6.2021 Submission of the poster PDF and voiced poster contributions by August 12, 2021


* The contributions as posters must be submitted in PPT format with a maximum of 4 slides by August 12, 2021 at the latest (page 1: binding with title, authors with institute and location / pages 2-4: a few lines, clear images / photos ) Each poster should be presented virtually with a short contribution. For this purpose, a video of approx. 90 sec. Length must be submitted in advance, with a maximum of 3-4 discussed slides. These contributions are recorded and then discussed in a moderated manner in thematically defined virtual rooms. There will be no poster walls or industrial stands on site.

Granting of rights:

As far as the participation of the participant is copyright, ancillary copyright, property rights. or other rights arise, he grants DGRM these or the rights to use them with confirmation of this agreement with no time, space or content ("space unrestricted" means worldwide and in the universe) for the production and comprehensive evaluation of the production in all media. The participant authorizes DGRM to transfer these rights to third parties. The transferred rights include in particular the right to live streaming during the event and then the right to make it publicly available, regardless of whether the production is used for a closed group of people or the public, free of charge or against payment, processed or unprocessed. The rights to use excerpts of the recordings and screenshots as part of other works and to combine them with other works are also granted.

The participant declares his / her consent to exploitation and publication, also with regard to his / her right to his / her own image, right to a name and general personal rights.

The participant takes part in the video conference without remuneration.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Riegger-Kongressmanagement: riegger@r-km.de



Abstract requirements:


1. Title / heading

2. Main author, co-authors - institute, city / country

3. Abstract text:

    question, method, results, discussion, conclusion


Please pay attention to the completeness of this data. The maximum length of the abstract is limited to 2500 characters. The abstracts are printed in the journal forensic medicine in the conference booklet.

For further contact, please also include a telephone number in your email.

Self-recording a presentation (pdf)